What is 3D Printer and How Does It Work

What is a 3D Printer

What is a 3D Printer

The 3D printer is a sophisticated technology that can make a three-dimensional solid object. Nowadays, printing is not always just on paper. Technology advances can make everything in your imagination come true.

3D printing or added substance fabricating is a procedure of creating a three-dimensional object from a digital file. It creates a real object, not only visible but can be touch and also has volume.
The object creation process is using additive process, which means create an object by laying down successive layers of material until the purpose is perfectly designed. 3D printing allows you make a complicated shape by using less equipment than traditional manufacturing methods.

How Does It Work?

It works like conventional inkjet printers where the printer creates layers of colors to make an object, and the difference is that the 3D printer uses the plastic material or other materials to make an object, not ink.

The central principle of 3D printing is that it requires three-dimensional digital data. The digital design is called CAD (Computer Aided Design) file. CAD is an application that enables to displaying data in three dimensions. A 3D model could be made from 3D modeling software or by using a 3D scanner. The 3D scanner allows you to create a digital copy of an object.

3D Scanners and 3D Modelling Software

Currently, there are varieties of 3D scanners, from DIY scanners which anyone can make at home until the expensive industrial-grade 3D scanners.

While 3D modeling software come in many forms and various prices. They are often made to suit the functions of the user’s industry. That’s why there is a software tailored to specific niches. Therefore, there are software application on the market that caters to furniture design, transportation, and fashion.

Therefore, if you are starting out with a lot amount of choices, it can be overwhelming, you can start with Tinkercad. Tinkercad is free for you, and it works in a browser that supports WebGL, like google chrome.

When your 3D model is ready, the next step is to prepare it for 3D printable.
Prepare your 3D model before printing. The 3D model will be dividing into hundreds or thousands of horizontal layers, or it called slicing and must be done with slicing software.
When the 3D model is sliced, now you are ready to put it into your 3D printer through Wifi, USB, or SD. It depends on the type and what brand of 3D printer that you have. When the file is uploaded, the object is ready to be printed layer by layer.

What Material Does a 3D printer Use

The most commonly used material is plastics, which generally means FFF/FDM are the dominant forms of 3D printing and then follow SLS as the most used material. There are many different materials can be used for 3D printing, such as ABS plastic, PLA, polyamide (nylon), glass filled polyamide, stereolithography materials (epoxy resins), silver, titanium, steel, wax, photopolymers, and polycarbonate, but the most commonly used are ABS and PLA.

ABS material is produced from fossil fuels and cannot be biodegradable. ABS can be used in the temperature range -20 ° C to 80 ° C. ABS material as the choicest material because it is robust, flexible and has excellent machinability and temperature resistance.

PLA comes in various colors as well as shiny, so it is interesting to display. This material allows being printed in higher speed than ABS as long as has proper cooling. PLA is the right choice for 3D beginner printer users.

Things to Do with 3D Printer

Tighter competition in producing a new product makes 3D printing be one of the most exciting alternatives in this digital era. The overall 3D printing industry is relied upon to develop increment. As it creates, 3D printing innovation is bound to change relatively every real industry and change the way we live, work, and play later on.

In the world of education, students and educators have long been using 3D printers in the classrooms; this technology allows students to materialize their idea quickly. You can see some review 3D printer for student or kids in up mini 3d printer review.

The application of this printing technology is widely used primarily to make a prototype in handphone, jewelry, aviation, automotive, shoe industry, industrial design, architecture, construction, dental, medical manufacturing, education, civil engineering and other sectors. Although the results have not functioned correctly as the original, the experts continue to try to make artificial organs with this technology.

The viewpoint for the therapeutic utilization of 3D printing is creating extremely rapid pace as specialists are beginning to utilize 3D printing in more advanced ways.
That’s all my article about 3D printer and how 3D printer works. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to comments in this article and let me know. Thank you very much.

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