How To Be a Successful Businessman and Be Young Entrepreneur

How To Be a Successful Businessman

Everyone wants money for his or her daily needs, but getting money is not easy and takes effort. To get our needs, of course, we must work because if we are not working, we can not eat. Besides  working in a company with a decent salary,  of course you have a desire to run your own business.

Everyone can run a business but can they succeed until  the end?  At this time, you want to start running business but still confused what kind of business is right as a beginner.

As beginner,  you can start from small things and you like first, such as writing a blog on a website or selling healthy snacks. Then, you can continue by accepting orders.

Initially you can give an example of your home-made cookies (if you want to run a food business) to people around you, but then your can continue your business. Especially now the technology is advanced, so your marketing way can be wider and growing.

Here are some of the popular businesses in my city that you might try to run or take the inspiration if you want to be different from these business below. Because not everything we start from the big ones, but from small ones can also make us successful and prosperous, why not?

These are some tips how to be a successful businessman and be young entrepreneur.

Use your hobby to run a business

Are you a university student or fresh graduate who is running out of money and unemployment?

If you are a student, it would be nice to have experience in your inner work. Because once you want to apply for a job in a company you must have an experience in working to ensure that you are not a lazy person.

Want to make money with writing?

If you have a talent for storytelling and can write well, maybe you want to try it. Sometimes,  It can be stressful, and sometimes boring.  But once you build a reputation, you can write more about what you want, and a very good salary once.

Besides writing on a particular website, if you have the ability to design something using software like Photoshop, you can use this skill for the development of a website because it is not only quality of the writing from the website but interesting design of a website can attract visitors.

If writing and designig is not your hobby. How about with a photography?

Maybe you should try this one. Nowadays, everyone from the youth to the elder likes to be photographed. Seeing this, a lot of people who jump into the world of photographers and become a freelance photographer without having an office. Well, you can also start this business even your age is still relatively young.

It takes only one, that is a quality SLR camera to take pictures. If you do not have any SLR camera, borrow money on your parents or borrow your friend’s camera. Do not forget to give certain commissions to your relatives.

But you do not just take pictures. You must first learn what type of photo is being liked by the customer. And, study the direction of photos so that people in the photo look more beautiful.  Also, learn the buttons on the camera and use them maximaly.

Run your business with healthy snacks and drinks

In my city many of my neighbors run the business with sell a variety of foods and drinks, from the elder one to the children they run their own small business. From what I see, they sell cookies with funny shapes, some of them sell lemonade,  there is lemon cakes too, and some of them even sell smoothies.

Let’s talk about green smoothie! Green smoothie is one of very popular drinks these days, not only because it tastes good but also has healthy benefits.

Some of people like to make their own smoothies at their kitchen, with a good blender they can create various type of smoothie everyday. Even for some people who don’t have much time in the morning bullet blenders can be a solution.

But that facts doesn’t mean all people going to make their own smoothie, right? This still can be a good business opportunity for you to sell green smoothie daily. You can make a home-made smoothie with and then she sold the smoothie on your neighborhood or even sell it via Instagram.

Want to run spa business? Try to sell a soap first

Do you want to open a spa?

No need to rush first, it’s not easy to open the spa. It takes the right ability and big fund. Try by selling home-made soaps with natural, refreshing ingredients. These days many people are selling bath soaps with a variety of unique aromas. The needed fund to make it was not much to buy the ingredients, also need creativity to add innovative from soap.

A bar of soap can cost 10 cents for sale and sell from $ 1 to $ 4, and there is a market that sells special ingredients to make soap. Because many people are interested in buying natural soaps, you can try running a small business by adding herbs, fragrances and special colors, you can make money with your own soap.

If you feel that running a business with a hobby of photography and selling soap is too hard for you, what about trying the simplest and quite often done by many people. Try it by selling small snacks also healthy. If you have a hobby of cooking or you can cook with your relatives (if you feel your cooking skill is ordinary).

Sell your unused things in home = money

In addition to selling food, there are other ways to earn money by selling used items that you no longer use in your home.

Examples like me, although my business is small and not often run but at least I get the money. I have a hobby of making creations from recycled items like old newspapers or cartons. I made it with various forms from plants, animals, to furnitures. The children in my neighborhood like to buy my work and they often put it in their room.

Besides selling artwork, I also sell my clothes, pants, and shoes which I do not wear anymore. I am a shopaholic person, when I see a new item at the store, I immediately forget the old stuff though it still looks new.

Because I do not want the closet in my room is full, I also sell it with reasonable price and my customer will immediately bought them and in just one day my stuff already sold out.

If you have unused goods instead of being kept in a closet, you can sell them in front of your house. Though not much money you get but you can use it as your experience business.

Once you’ve learned enough and experienced enough, then you can open a big business that you wanted from the first. Because something big certainly must have started from something small. Stay creative and do not give up!

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