How to Deal With a Difficult Coworker

How to Deal With a Difficult Coworker

In each and every workplace, you’ll have difficult coworkers. How to deal with a difficult coworker is the key to manage your coworkers. Coping with difficult coworkers, bosses, customers, clients, and buddies is definitely an art worth perfecting. Coping with difficult situations at the office is challenging, yet rewarding.

You are able to vastly enhance your own work atmosphere and morale whenever you improve your ability to handle the people at the office. You are able to improve your skill in working with the tough individuals who surround you inside your work world.

These pointers can help you.

How to Deal With a Difficult Coworker

  1. Unhealthy News Bears

For example, I have a friend named Petra, this individual enjoy the negative. She is not able to wait to let you know the supplier designed a mistake, the manager is ticked off, and someone’s mind will roll. But around they enjoy discussing this negativity, it’s incredibly draining for you personally. (With higher reason: Studies have shown that workplace negativity results in a toxic atmosphere which has a bad effect on your mental, emotional, and physical well-being.)


Cope with the actual issue at hands-if actually, there’s one-after which leave. I grew to become an expert only at that when We had to pay attention to Petra’s travails. When there was something I possibly could do in order to assist the situation, Used to do it (like sucking up and calling the customer she’d ticked off. I additionally labored on managing my very own level of stress simply by listening silently or asking clarifying questions until I possibly could finish the conversation).

But mostly, her spiels were non-productive venting sessions that certainly didn’t deserve a lot of time. To exit the conversation gracefully (and rapidly), use quick getaway phrases, like “I have an appointment I have to hop on,Inches or “ I have to prep for that meeting this mid-day.”

  1. The Gossip Mongers

Inside a corporate atmosphere, it may sometimes appear such as the rumors never stop . Someone heard there’s likely to be a layoff, a brand new manager was hired, half the department’s getting fired, or no one’s obtaining a raise. Substantiated or otherwise, these rumors get repeated again and again, usually through the same people, who really adore stirring in the worst-situation scenario of what’s happening.


Gossip mongers frequently haven’t much regard for fact. So, after I hear something crazy or questionable, I push legitimate solutions. “Oh, wow, that sounds pretty extreme. Is the fact that a well known fact? Or have you heard that from someone?” You’ll rapidly set the expectation that you simply won’t participate in frivolous chatter it is not located in fact. Consequently, gossips will probably steer obvious individuals because requesting details takes all of the fun from it on their behalf.

Another technique is to convey helplessness. Whenever a co-worker starts spinning the gossip yarn (“I heard in charge recognizes that Sam’s searching for any job-what is your opinion he’s likely to do?”), shrug and say “I can’t assist you with that certain. Sorry.” When the gossiper pushes, never be afraid to determine your individual limitations: “Actually, I do not prefer to talk office politics it isn’t really any one of my company.Inches Then excuse you in the conversation.

  1. The Drama Queens (or Nobleman)

These spotlight-enthusiasts have a superior requirement for attention, plus they frequently drain their co-workers’ time and effort through the dramatics they employ looking for the spotlight.

You realize the kind: This is actually the person whose workload is larger than anybody else’s, that has the worst flu signs and symptoms during winter, and whose customers are probably the most annoying. They enjoy chaos and can one-up any story you’ve. “You believe that would be a bad client? A week ago, I needed to drive two hrs to some client’s house simply to bring him work samples!”

Sure, level-headed you’d most likely go ahead and take the situation in stride and allow the disruption roll off the back-however the drama queen believes they’re the only person to ever experience this kind of event, and it is worth a wrath-laden rant.


One method for you to puppy nip this within the bud would be to won’t bite once the drama starts moving. The thing is, since drama queens wish to be the middle of attention, the greater you react to their drama (“Oh my jeeze, that actually became of you?”), the greater you feed the animal. Rather, simply disregard the rants, and continue regarding your business. Your message-“I’m not interested”-will ultimately be received.

Also, never be afraid to provide some honest feedback . Convey to know your colleague’s concerns, but there’s most likely an easy method for your kids to cope with them. For instance, “Jackson, I understand you’ve got a big workload, but when you’re feeling overwhelmed and overworked, you need to most likely speak to your manager .” So when you express it, make certain to remain calm and act rationally, to ensure that you aren’t contributing to the drama.

  1. The Chicken Littles

Similar to the children’s tale, using these folks, heaven is definitely falling. Should you share a bit of great news together (“We got the account!”), they’ll respond having a pessimistic reaction that you simply most likely didn’t expect (or want): “Oh, I’ve heard that client is indeed a discomfort. They’ll take a lot of time that we’ll never earn money.Inches


In cases like this, it’s better to confront the problem mind-on and provide your co-worker feedback. Lightly let you know that their behavior affects all of those another team: “Pat, whenever you rain on someone’s great news with this type of announcement, the brand new teammates think it is a little upsetting. Mind toning it lower just a little?Inches


I’ve discovered that most chicken little don’t realize how negative they’re being and just how it’s affecting individuals around them. By lightly pointing it, you can assist them result in the correction and become supportive of the teammates.

  1. The Sufferers

Victims blame others for his or her conditions. Did you ever hear someone repeat the boss was to get her or him? Victim. What about the one who blamed a missed deadline around the guys in accounting who “didn’t obtain the are accountable to me promptly?Inches Victim.

Co-workers having a victim syndrome constantly complain about everything bad that’s happening within their lives. What’s worse, it normally won’t believe they’ve any possession or charge of the problem, so to them, things are being carried out for them. They frequently suspect there’s some huge universal conspiracy that’s firmly rooted against their success. Plus they love to speak about it.


It’s not easy to inform someone that she or he is definitely negative, so try telling her or him what you truly need: better engagement inside your day. Try, “I’ve observed any time we chat, the conversation tends to pay attention to the negative. I do not what you think, however, I are more effective when I’m encircled by positivity. Why do you not let me know about something that’s running smoothly for you personally?Inches

You should consider asking the things they might have completed to steer clear of the situation, a method that works well together with your employees. For instance, “That’s bad. What could you have carried out differently to make certain the accounting report was with you promptly?Inches

Next time you are feeling yourself getting drawn right into a negative workplace vortex, don’t allow it to it drain your dry-try one of these simple techniques to cope with it and produce some positivity back to your workplace.


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